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Smoothwall is a leading digital safety solutions provider in US Education. 10,000 schools depend on our technologies to keep their students safe and their education organizations compliant.

Our solutions work alone or come together to provide a complete online safety infrastructure that protects students, staff, and network safety – at every touchpoint.

Smoothwall offers a complete online safety infrastructure protecting students at every touch-point.

Our Mission

To be the most trustworthy digital safety solutions provider in the world. To develop the technology and awareness that are essential for the safety and well-being of students.
It’s our relentless quest and drives everything we do.

Pioneering Technology

Our solutions are some of the best in the world. They hold that accolade because we listen to our customers and have an exciting roadmap of new product development and continuous improvement.

K-12 Education Expertise

No one knows more about digital safety technology for K-12 than Smoothwall. Our solutions are not corporate products with an education slant. They have been engineered from the ground up to keep students safe.

Integrated Solutions

Meeting the minimum statutory requirements does not protect a school from digital risk in today’s climate. Smoothwall’s solutions combine to provide a complete online safety infrastructure that protects your whole school community.


Regulatory requirements are changing frequently. Our solutions exceed CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, CSPC, and ATLIS legislative requirements and student data privacy guidelines.

Great Savings and Benefits

We offer competitive pricing as well as excellent savings for those customers working towards a complete digital safety infrastructure. The more solutions you buy the more you save.

Knowledge Sharing

It’s our responsibility to help digital safety leaders mitigate the risks they may not see. Our resource Hub holds a wealth of knowledge on all things digital safety for both technical and nontechnical school leaders.

We’re committed to student safety and data privacy

Smoothwall is proud to be an iKeepSafe certified organization. We hold the COPPA Safe Harbor, FERPA, CSPC, and ATLIS accreditations.


Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Certified - COPPAFamily Educational Rights & Privacy Act Certified - FERPACalifornia Student Privacy Certified - CSPCATLIS Student Privacy Certified

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