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South Bound Brook School District Share Their Experience of Smoothwall Signal

In our latest Q&A, we speak with Lenny Libitz, Chief Technology Officer at South Bound Brook School District in New Jersey as he speaks about his experiences of using Smoothwall Signal.

Why did you decide to implement a threat detection solution?

Our students were having issues with other students. It was mainly happening on their devices and in their digital lives. We needed a tool that would help us document what was happening, as and when it happened. We needed the evidence but we also needed to understand the situation so we could get the right help to the students who needed it.

If students have no one they can talk to at home, they will often use their keyboard to type out their feelings and frustrations. That’s their voice. That’s their outlet. Having Smoothwall Signal allows us to help our most vulnerable students in the community and get them the assistance they need.

How did you gain the support of your colleagues for threat detection technology to be used?

Our staff knew about threat detection technology. With our desire to use Smoothwall Signal it was a case of showing them the software and how it captured incidents. We showed them how it grades alerts and what happens when an alert is so severe someone will actually call us, no matter what time of day or night.

With other solutions, we have had to be on top of the alerts so we don’t miss anything. That meant going through tons of false positives. With Smoothwall Signal, it has allowed us to step back a little. It shows us the students who need our assistance. We don’t need to go looking for them through hundreds of alerts.

I feel that without this technology, we could have missed a child that needed help, absolutely.

Lenny Libitz
South Bound Brook School District

Why did you choose Smoothwall Signal?

Previously, with our other solution, we were getting so many alerts we suffered from alert fatigue. We were constantly getting emails and notifications and of course, you have to look at them all.  You can’t not go through them, in case you miss something serious.

Smoothwall Signal, on the other hand, sifts through the most severe and puts them right in your inbox. The alerts are instant and real-time. If an alert is so severe and you happen to not be looking at your mailbox at that time, it’s ok because Smoothwall will call us.

How likely is it that without Smoothwall Signal your school may miss a child at risk?

I feel that without this technology, we could have missed a child that needed help, absolutely. I’m very grateful that the product exists. It’s peace of mind. Other solutions will just throw alerts at you regardless. With Smoothwall Signal we get what we need and nothing we don’t. I will continue to use Smoothwall Signal for as long as I possibly can. I love it.

What advice would you give to other school or school districts considering Smoothwall Signal?

Spend time, train your staff. But don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of training though. There isn’t a lot of documentation needed. Start a dialogue with your school psychologist and with your school guidance department. Bring them to the table. Bring your school Principals to the table and have a game plan. It’s super easy to set up. Fifteen minutes, that’s all. And you’re going to provide a great service to your student population. I love Smoothwall Signal. And I’m grateful to the team over in the UK who work so hard to give my school this capability. It’s humbling.

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