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We know that bringing the internet and digital devices into the classroom can create rich and immersive learning experiences for your students.

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Supporting teachers with student safety

Not all children experiencing difficulties will speak up or manifest outward signs of distress. They can often choose not to confide in a teacher if they feel scared or too uncomfortable and may decide to use classroom digital devices as a way to express how they are feeling.

Although the eyes and ears of teachers have always been and continue to be a vital part of student safety, this method alone will not help schools identify students who may be suffering in silence.

Smoothwall Monitor works alongside the eyes and ears of a teacher to help make invisible risks, visible. Teachers can focus on teaching safe in the knowledge that should an incident occur the school will be notified.

Real-time, online and offline monitoring

Captures student activity that may indicate a risk, during and after lesson times.

24/7 human moderation

Our in-house team of moderators work around the clock 24/7 to minimise false positives and alert you to any urgent risks.

Tailored digital safety education

Gain insight into any key trends or concerns in digital behavior and use to tailor your digital safety education.

Resources for Teachers

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Complying with David’s Law
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