Introducing Switch & Save

Switch & Save is a new initiative from Smoothwall which allows you to switch
your filtering provider and save money – even if you’re in a contract.

How it works

Based on your unique needs, budget and circumstances, we create a custom financial arrangement that enables you to switch to Smoothwall.

Your financial arrangement honors your current agreement, saves you money, AND eliminates dual payments, so you’re never out of pocket. It’s all about you.

The benefits include:

  • Save money to spend on other IT or school equipment.
  • Pioneering, real-time, dynamic content-aware filtering that blocks harmful
    content without over blocking.
  • Flexible deployment. Choose from cloud, on-premise or hybrid.
  • Full onboarding support from a dedicated team.
  • Exciting 2019 feature release roadmap.

Join over 4 million people worldwide that are protected by Smoothwall. Complete the form on the right to find out how much you could save.

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