Classroom Manager

One of the easiest to use, cross-device classroom tools available. Enables student focus for teachers and time-efficiency for school districts.

Smoothwall Classroom Manager

One of the easiest to use, cross-device classroom tools available. Designed from the ground up to help busy teachers manage dynamic classrooms, Smoothwall Classroom Manager gives them the control needed to maintain productive learning environments.

Designed to work within the Google classroom, this crucial tool empowers teachers to be self-sufficient while enabling school districts to improve learning outcomes.

Key Features

Regain Focus with Lock Screen

Locking whole or individual screens helps maintain class focus.


Screen snapshots can be taken and saved locally for evidencing purposes.

Open Tab

Open specific URLs for every student to focus on the same content.

Grid View

Student devices appear as thumbnails in a single screen for easy ‘scan and see’ by the teacher.

Full Session Control

Allows teachers to manage session times and add or remove students without district assistance.

Active / Inactive / Close tabs

Monitor tabs on current and background screens with the ability to remotely close tabs when necessary.

Syncs with Google Classroom

Easy login with Google ID. Full Google Classroom synchronization removes the need to create classes from scratch.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring gives teachers immediate visibility when a student goes off track.

Peer-to-Peer Architecture

Low impact, innovative, peer-to-peer architecture keeps bandwidth requirements to a minimum.

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