What is Smoothwall Signal?

It flags students at-risk based on what they do or say in their digital lives which teachers and parents often don’t see, and which therefore often go unnoticed.

Using a combination of AI and a team of highly trained human moderators it finds and assesses risks in more categories and in more digital locations than any other solution of its kind.

This extended reach and granularity make it the most advanced threat detection tool in K12 and the ideal choice for Schools and School Districts where student safety is a very high and genuine priority.

Smoothwall Signal – At a glance

Alerts you to threats as and when they happen

24/7 Real-time Alerts and Notifications 

Risk assessments and notifications happen in real-time, including an email for serious alerts and a phone call for very serious alerts such as risk to health or life. All happens within minutes of the risk occurring.

Detect Risks Across the Digital Space 

It is the only solution of its kind to risk-assess (either via AI or human moderation) ANYTHING a student types, be it across the web, encrypted apps, or any digital document such as Word, not just online, or that which resides within Google Suite, or Microsoft.

Detects Risks in 7 Different Categories

Where some solutions focus on bullying, suicide or violence, Smoothwall Signal includes 7 different categories, providing the widest safety net in K-12 including violence, bullying suicide, drugs, abuse, extremism, oversharing and more.



Risk Assesses the Whole Screen 

It is also the only solution of its kind to risk assess (either via AI or human moderation) the FULL SCREEN not just the URL. This dramatically reduces false positives as well as provides valuable detail when deciding on the most appropriate support intervention for the child involved.

No IT Burden

The solution is cloud-based and deployment is fast and straightforward, often taking just minutes. There is no IT burden and no ongoing technical administration.

No Time Consuming Administration 

AI and human moderators work hand in hand to assess and remove false positives and alert you only to that which you need to know about. No trawling through alerts. No administrative burden. Gives you more time to focus on intervention and supporting students who need it.

Works Online and Offline

Works offline, capturing risk events even when the device is disconnected from the internet (e.g. in poor signal areas, basements, or when the user has manually disconnected). As soon as the device re-connects to the internet, that data is transmitted to Smoothwall for analysis.

Optimizes Staff Time 

Provides the evidence for support specialists such as Guidance Counselors and School Liaison Officers to better plan and target their time and interventions, enabling more efficient management of an expert and expensive school resource.

Peace of Mind 

No need to worry about what students are doing digitally. If there is a risk, we will notify you. And with a body of evidence to either share with parents, discuss with the student and/or to help decide the most appropriate support.

Schools who use Smoothwall Signal say they would
never go back – it’s that vital.

Lenny Libitz, Chief Technical Officer, South Bound Brook School District shares his experience of Smoothwall Signal

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We’re committed to student safety and data privacy

Smoothwall is proud to be an iKeepSafe certified organization. We hold the COPPA Safe Harbor, FERPA, CSPC, and ATLIS accreditations.


Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Certified - COPPAFamily Educational Rights & Privacy Act Certified - FERPACalifornia Student Privacy Certified - CSPC

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