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Smoothwall Cloud Filter Product Sheet

Scaling digital safety technology across your school district t can help provide a consistently high level of care in a cost-effective way. Learn more.

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Looking after your mental health online - A Guide to Improving Your Mental Well-Being

The internet can be used to expose young people to bullying, grooming, sexual harassment and more. Read on to discover how to look after your mental health.

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Why a holistic approach is needed to effectively protect students online

With an increased safety risk being posed by digital technology, discover how threat detection technology and filtering can protect students' safety.

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Protecting vulnerable users against “suicide games”

Discover how you can protect your vulnerable users from suicide games using filtering and threat detection technology. Read more.

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How Smoothwall stops your school’s most distracting apps

Apps are one of the most common and hard to block digital distractions facing students. Discover how Smoothwall Filter can restrict access.

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social media anxiety
Is social media causing anxiety among young people?

Research from The Child Mind Institute suggests it is. This article explores how social media impacts students and what we can do to help.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

This World Suicide Prevention Day, Smoothwall’s Online Safety Expert provides advice on how schools can spot the early warning signs of self-harm.

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My Secret Family: Decoding the secret society of self-harm

Self-harm is spreading on social media by students through “secret families” of code words. Read on to discover how to look after your mental health.

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Hutto Independent School District - Smoothwall Filter Case Study

How Hutto's IT team eliminated complexity and increased productivity by replacing their custom-built filter with Smoothwall SWG's weighted dynamic filtering.

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