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Digital safety specs, guides, and help for Tech Directors, Administrators, and anyone responsible for student safety in education.

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Prince Avenue Christian School - Web Filtering Case Study

One Technical Director's quest to find web filtering for this pre-k through 12th-grade school that could support the variety of networked and personal devices.

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Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center - Web Filtering Case Story

Discover how the IT Director for this 6-campus alternative high school found and implemented a web filtering solution to keep the 830+ students safe across a mix of desktops, laptops, and BYOD units.

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Spencer Community School District
Sarcoxie R-II School District - Smoothwall Filter Case Study

Discover how Sarcoxie R-II School District uses Smoothwall Filter to provide a consistent level of safe and secure web filtering.

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school web filtering control policies
Flexible Web Filtering Policy – Who, What, Where, When 

How a flexible web filtering policy provides a premium solution for school districts. Learn more.

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Premium vs Standard Web Filtering - What's the difference and does it matter?

Learn the key signs that suggest your web filter wasn't made for education. Find out more.

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The impact DNS-over-HTTP will have on protecting children from abuse on the internet - Information for Smoothwall customers

Read on for a background to what this issue is and what the implications are for those individuals responsible for keeping students safe online.

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World Suicide Prevention Day
Texas School Safety Compliance with Digital Monitoring

What new Texas school safety requirements mean for school districts and how digital threat detection technology can help districts comply to protect students.

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Smoothwall Cloud Filter Product Sheet

Scaling digital safety technology across your school district t can help provide a consistently high level of care in a cost-effective way. Learn more.

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Smoothwall Signal Product Sheet

Currently, the only solution of its kind, Smoothwall Signal – Managed Service is a real-time threat detection solution that offers a 24/7/365 human moderated service. Learn more.

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