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Web Filtering and BYOD School Solutions
Web Filtering and BYOD

Recreational BYOD filtering is particularly important for extra-curricular activities. For a step by step breakdown of how transparent web filtering and BYOD authentication works, read the full article.

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Smoothwall Filter new UI and Reporting
Smoothwall Filter – What’s new?

The online world is constantly changing so it's vital that your web filter adapts to continue to protect your users. Read this article to learn about the latest updates and upcoming features for Smoothwall Filter.

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web filter for education criteria
Is Your School’s Web Filter Designed for Education?

The following are six key indicators that your web filter (or the one you are considering) has not been designed to handle the demands and statutory requirements for web filtering in a K-12 education environment.

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Hybrid Web Filtering For Schools: The Best in Cloud & On-Premise Security Together

School districts are combining the power of cloud and on-premise security features through the adoption of hybrid web filtering to better support their changing needs.

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The K-12 Guide to Funding Digital Safety

Funding guide to K-12 Digital Safety - Practical insight into the federal resources available to fund digital safety technology within K-12. Free download.

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Back and white image of school student looking down
Complying with David’s Law

How web filtering and threat detection technology can help Texas schools report cyberbullying and comply with David's Law. Download our free guide.

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Putting a stop to cyberbullying: Prevention by paying digital attention

Our free guide is designed to inform administrators on funding sources available for technology that keeps students safe online and offline.

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Black and white image of school students
Prince Avenue Christian School - Web Filtering Case Study

One Technical Director's quest to find web filtering for this pre-k through 12th-grade school that could support the variety of networked and personal devices.

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Spencer Community School District
Spencer Community School District - Web Filtering Case Study

Explore this Iowa school district's struggle, search and ultimately the solution they needed in a reliable web filter that could keep students safe online while also protecting against hidden dangers.

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