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Students at home during lockdown
Students in lockdown face a real and present danger from online predators

Smoothwall’s VP Brian Muenster explains the exponential dangers to students studying at home and why the Congress $2 trillion stimulus package is crucial for schools. Learn more.

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Houseparty video app could put children at risk - How can you keep young people safe?

Video call app, Houseparty, is rapidly growing in popularity amongst young people. Our article explains what parents need to know and how you can help keep children safe. Learn more.

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Smoothwall Cloud Filter
Does your school use Chromebooks? Are you without remote Filtering at this time?

For those schools who do not have any form of remote Filtering during these difficult times, we are offering Smoothwall Cloud Filter free of charge until the end of term. Learn more.

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Image of a college student looking at a laptop monitor
Global Health Situation: Offsite Filtering and Remote Network Access

In light of the current global health situation and the possibility of a temporary school closure, we want to extend our support to you. Read our guidance on offsite filtering and remote network access.

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Smoothwall Monitor wins Best of Show Award at TCEA 2020
Smoothwall Signal wins Best of Show Award at TCEA 2020

Smoothwall was presented with Tech & Learning’s prestigious Best of Show at TCEA Award on February 5th for Smoothwall Signal’s uniqueness in the market and the ability to solve problems in classrooms and schools.

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multi-language school web filtering
The Importance of Web Filtering Other Languages

School districts with student populations with English learners must have a filter capable of handling different languages. What does this mean for a quality web filter?

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Image of a business professional looking a computer screen
Web Filtering and CIPA - What Schools Need to Know

Read more about CIPA – what it requires, who it applies to, and how a content-aware approach to web filtering can help schools exceed CIPA expectations.

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choosing the right web filter for school district
How to Choose the Right Web Filter for Your School District

Today’s school environments require a web filter as a part of a broader solution around digital and student safety; explore how these solutions work together.

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Web Filtering and AI for School
Web Filtering and AI Evaluation for Schools

These days it’s unusual to find a web filter vendor not making use of machine learning or intelligence somewhere in their products. But how can schools compare them?

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