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A Cost Guide to Digital Threat Detection Technology in Education

Are you considering threat detection technology but unsure how much you can expect to pay? Our article outlines some key considerations to bear in mind and some questions to ask your vendor to ensure you get the best price possible.

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Nemo Vista School District
Nemo Vista School District share their experience of using threat detection technology

Discover how threat detection technology provides Nemo Vista School District with proactive support to help spot at-risk students.

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South Bound Brook School District's experience of using threat detection technology

Discover how threat detection technology helped South Bound Brook School District find at-risk students who may have gone unnoticed.

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What is a WinBook, and why do we like it?

Our Senior Product Manager, Tom Newton shares his views on a new environment type emerging in these pandemic times.

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5 essentials for Digital Monitoring
How to use threat detection technology to support vulnerable students returning to school (post shelter)

Threat detection technology plays a crucial part in helping schools spot vulnerable students who may have been impacted by isolation - students who are in need of extra support. Find out more.

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digital monitoring during COVID-19
How threat detection technology can help you to spot vulnerable key worker children throughout COVID-19

Threat detection technology can help schools spot vulnerable key worker children who may be feeling anxious or fearful and in need of extra support during COVID-19. Learn more.

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Digital Safeguarding Records
Why digital safety records are an imperative for schools amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Learn why now is the time for schools to implement a digital approach to student records and what features you should be looking out for in a digital record manager.

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Are you at risk of Zoombombing? How to ensure safe online learning when using Zoom

The COVID-19 crisis has seen a rise in video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. But whilst this has its positives, children are increasingly at risk of being exposed to harmful content. Learn more.

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Students at home during lockdown
Students in lockdown face a real and present danger from online predators

Smoothwall’s VP Brian Muenster explains the exponential dangers to students studying at home and why the Congress $2 trillion stimulus package is crucial for schools. Learn more.

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