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We help your teachers deliver rich learning experiences in classrooms that are digitally safe.

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Ensure your students receive an exceptional education
in a supportive environment that promotes equity for all:

We know that external forces can make that task incredibly difficult at times. Enabling learning without limits through internet access while protecting students from online dangers is just one of the many tasks.

Our Principals tell us that addressing this with limited resources and understanding are also factors that can make their goals difficult to achieve. Staying close to our customers is important to us at Smoothwall.


Smoothwall Filter keeps schools fully CIPA compliant, ensuring students are safe online whether at school or at home.


Smoothwall Signal helps Principals identify at-risk students through intelligent insight gathering from student digital activity.

Smoothwall record Manager

Smoothwall Record Manager enables schools to easily record any child protection issues and safety incidents electronically without the need for paper files.

Resources for Principals

See some dedicated content below. Don’t forget to check out our content library in our Resource Hub.

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Reducing School Violence with Threat Detection Technology
A step-by-step guide for school districts

What is threat detection technology, how can schools use it to reduce school violence, and can it be integrated into safety plans?



The K-12 Guide to Funding Digital Safety
Discover the federal resources available to K-12

Find the funding your school or school district needs to keep students
safe on and offline.

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