Partner Incentive Programme

Why we’re doing it

We’ve listened to our partners, and we know you sometimes need that extra little helping hand to bring your campaigns to life and create a buzz about new products and services within your teams.

Additionally, as the channel is our only route to market, we want to show you the importance we place on treating channel partners as an extension of our own team, therefore we want to put more emphasis in supporting you in the work you do.

What you can achieve

Using Smoothwall’s PIP, you will be allocated a budget based on a request submitted to Smoothwall’s channel team. You will have the freedom to request the budget for any marketing or sales activities designed to help you sell and promote Smoothwall products, and this could be to align with an existing Smoothwall campaign or a brand new initiative driven by you.

You will also have the support of our marketing team throughout the campaign to ensure that you maximise success on your objectives, along with working with your Channel Manager to define the appropriate campaign deliverables.

Working with our teams, you can create new campaigns with expert help in order to boost your position in the market and gain new leads and opportunities.

How it works

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to request marketing funds, whilst still ensuring that we’re allocating budget to the right initiatives. Therefore, you will be requested to submit a proposal which will be evaluated before any campaigns are signed off. You will receive 50% upon approval of the campaign and you will be expected to prove a ROI before the remaining 50% of funds are transferred.

Ready to get started?

  1. fill out the form using the link here or at the bottom of the page
  2. Your information request will be reviewed and you will be issued a PIP proposal template
  3. Complete the proposal in full, and email to
  4. Your request will be reviewed using the above evaluation criteria and you will receive notice of whether it has been approved or rejected via the key contact details supplied in the proposal

Budgets renew each quarter, where you will be able to claim for a new campaign.


You will be expected to work with Smoothwall to ensure the success of your PIP initiative. The budget is allocated purely on the belief that the campaign will help you to generate new leads for your organisation selling Smoothwall products, and the success of your campaign will be monitored regularly.

There will be specific guidelines and timescales you will be expected to adhere to in order to ensure each partner has an equal opportunity to claim for funds and make their initiative a success.


Upon approval of your campaign, you will be required to invoice Smoothwall for the initial 50% of your approved budget within 30 days. The ROI for all PIP campaigns can only be illustrated by using your unique tracking code when registering leads through Smoothwall’s deal reg that have been generated from the campaign.

Once you have illustrated your successful ROI by the review deadline, you will be required to invoice Smoothwall for the remaining 50% payment.
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Smoothwall provide fantastic support from dedicated channel managers and sales managers to ensure that we are supported every step of the way.