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Introducing Smoothwall
The Digital Safety provider to Miami-Dade County Schools


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Best of Breed Digital Safety Technology at the most affordable price 

As your recently contracted digital safety provider we wanted to let you know all the crucial ways we can support your schools.
From keeping your students safe and protected online through to early-stage detection of threat to health or life.
We’re to help. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Preferred Pricing

Miami-Dade County Schools benefit from preferential pricing and easier procurement processes.


Smoothwall uphold the highest standards of compliance, exceeding legislative requirements and guidelines. We are the ONLY digital safety provider to hold all four IKeepSafe accreditations.

Best of Breed

Student digital safety is our passion. We pioneered content-aware web filtering in education and remain the only provider to offer genuine real-time protection.

Our Solutions

We offer 5 solutions. They protect every touch point of digital safety.
You can procure them individually or combine them to create a ring of protection around your school community.
When you are ready to strengthen your digital safety, we have the technologies and expertise to help you.

Smoothwall Filter

The only genuine real-time content-aware filter in US education. Provides granular controls and blisteringly fast reporting. Can be deployed on-premise, cloud or hybrid

Smoothwall Firewall

Provides a complete all-in-one protection package designed with your School’s security needs in mind.

Smoothwall Monitor

Makes invisible risks, visible. Monitor enables schools to detect online threats before they become real-life incidents

Smoothwall Classroom Manager

One of the easiest to use, cross-device classroom tools available. Keeps teachers teaching and students focused and on track.

Smoothwall Record Manager

Easily records child protection issues and safety incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files.

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If you would like to learn more about Smoothwall, see any of our products in action or discuss how we might help you strengthen your current digital safety provision please get in touch.

Select a date and time of your choosing, invite any colleagues along and a senior member of the Smoothwall team will answer your questions in a no obligation online session.

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