Hidden Truths

Not every child who suffers will speak up. Not every difficulty a student is facing can be seen.

We share these stories with sensitivity. They are not intended to shock but to highlight the life changing benefits our technology provides.

Achieving the right balance

The following extracts are all based on real life situations. They are anonymous to protect the confidentiality of those involved.

We choose not to promote our solutions based on fear, but on the positive, uplifting outcomes we achieve for the schools we protect every day. Our work, however, gives us deep insight into the enormous and genuine risks young people face.

We have a duty to communicate those risks so educational organisations are aware and empowered to prevent similar events from happening in their own environments. We do it with care and compassion. We are proud to be Smoothwall.

Hidden truth #1

Suicide prevention

A child was being cyberbullied. She didn’t want to talk about it. She viewed content online explaining how to die by hanging.

How we helped

Smoothwall Threat Detection

Her online behavior triggered a high alert in the school’s Smoothwall Signal solution. Her school and parents were immediately informed. A noose was found under her bed. The child received the help she needed.

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Hidden truth #2

Pedophile on campus

An adult registered for a short course at a college. In the presence of young students he tried to view inappropriate content on a college computer.

How we helped

Smoothwall Threat Detection

The search triggered an alert on the college’s Smoothwall Signal solution. The police were called and the individual was arrested and removed within 45 minutes of the alert being raised. He was a registered pedophile. 

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Hidden truth #3

Intention to harm

A child came to school with a knife concealed in his coat. He sent a message to his friend using a messenger service to say he felt like stabbing someone.

How we helped

Smoothwall Threat Detection

The message triggered a high alert on the school’s Smoothwall Signal solution. The school responded in accordance with their weapons and knives safety policy. No one was hurt.

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