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District Administrators

We help you maintain efficient and effective digital safety across your school district.

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As a senior leader of your school district
we understand the resources and budgetary concerns you face.

Though many digital safety responsibilities are delegated to the district technology department, District Administrators are still responsible to ensure these duties are being carried out correctly.

A weakness in safeguarding practice at one school can impact on the reputation of the entire school district. If it does, it may not be so easy to repair.

At Smoothwall we support District Administrators to feel confident that their schools have the tools necessary to ensure effective digital safety practices. We provide pioneering solutions to help build knowledge and understanding across the entire digital safety picture.

Digital safety excellence

We help District Administrators adopt high, centralized standards and become a beacon in online safety excellence.


Non or weak compliance not only puts student safety at risk, but also makes your district vulnerable to a damaged reputation. We work with District Administrators to exceed obligations across all areas.


Parts of the digital safety landscape reside within technology. Our goal is to breakdown the those barriers and equip non-technical District Administrators with the knowledge they need.

Resources for District Administrators

See some dedicated content below. Don’t forget to check out our content library in our Resource Hub.

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Reducing School Violence with Threat Detection Technology
A step-by-step guide for school districts

What is threat detection technology, how schools use it to reduce school violence, and can it be integrated into safety plans?



The K-12 Guide to Funding Digital Safety
Discover the federal resources available to K-12

Find the funding your school or school district needs to keep students
safe on and offline.

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