About us

Our vision and values

Online safety for people at school or at work lies at the heart of our culture and is the embodiment of our values in action.

Our vision

To be the most trust worthy safeguarding provider in the world.

Our mission

To empower schools and school districts to digitally safeguard the students in their care.

Our values

We have five values. They guide our thinking, our actions and our behaviors, internally and externally. Applied in harmony they ensure we deliver on our vision and mission.

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We are positive and passionate. We want everyone we work with to feel that we genuinely have their interests at heart and that they are constantly and consistently valued and supported by us.

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We are authoritative. Our knowledge and expertise are deep. We aim to be the best; to deliver to the highest standards and to continuously improve every single day.

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We are driven by mutual respect, teamwork and effective partnerships. We ask questions, we listen, we understand.

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We are authentic, honest, open, ethical and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.

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We are courageous and pioneering. We probe, we prod, we ask why. We challenge ourselves and each other to make things better whilst humbly appreciating that we will never reach perfection. Ours is a continuous journey.

Smoothwall is the only technology solution that I’ve ever bought, that I don’t look back on thinking I could have gotten better. It’s answered all of our needs.

Kendall Eley
Prince Avenue Christian School

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